tax seaason
tax seaason

Protect Yourself From Tax Scams

Learn how to identify and protect yourself from tax scams. It’s tax scam season, so beware! You might get a phone call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent, they will advise you that the matter they are calling about is urgent and time sensitive.  He or she will inform you that they have

March 13, 2017
credit score

How To Fix My Credit Score

How to fix my credit score Like many Americans, you probably weren’t taught in school how to build and most importantly manage your credit score. Over the years I’ve been asked by my customers how to rebuild their credit score. It’s not as hard as you think. So, maybe you had lates, collections or maybe

March 7, 2017
credit report

How do I remove a collection from my credit report

  How do I get a collection removed from my credit report This is something that haunts us all. Collections on your credit report. Whether it was your fault or an error on the companies these things happen a lot. The most common collections on your credit report are medical collections. Hospitals, doctors, and other

March 6, 2017

Shoud I buy A house or a condo

Should I buy a house or a condo? First, you must decide what kind of home you want to purchase. Is it going to be a condominium, a townhome, duplex, or a single family home? A lot of millennials run into wanting to purchase a single family home without understanding there is a ton of

February 22, 2017
credit score

How to Increase your Credit Score

Keep your credit cards 30 – 50% of your credit limit. This will allow your credit to continue to build. If possible pay them off in full. Also always ask for a credit increase every year from your credit card companies. Even if they say no it doesn’t hurt to try ( never assume ).

February 14, 2017

Financial Tip of the Day

Don’t just invest in individual stocks. Remember the saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket? Well, you must embrace that quote. I personally like S & P 500 low cost index funds. They have an average rate of return of 8 – 10% and carry very low fees. I personally like vanguard as

February 9, 2017